My 14 year old daughter, Hope, wrote the following first-person in-the-moment story from a writing prompt in her Language Arts class…

I get up and walk to the bathroom.  It’s 6:32am.  Right on schedule. 

The only thing not right this morning is the way I look… 


I can see all of the reflections in the mirror:  the toilet, the shower.  Everything, except for myself!

I splash water on my face and look again.  Still no me.

I pinch myself all over to wake me up from this horrible dream.  I look again.  Still no me!

I look down toward the floor and I can see my feet and my legs; I can see my body.  (I have fingernail marks all down my body from the pinching.)  I look back in the mirror.  Still no me.

Mirrors can be evil creatures.  They show you what the world sees; they make you think you are not good enough.  Mirrors show you that one strand of hair that didn’t curl properly or that new bright red pimple. 

All this I realize as I walk downstairs for breakfast, and I vow to myself that when this wears off; if this wears off, I will not believe the mirror.  I do not have to worry about what the world sees and thinks.  They are not who I am living for. 



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