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Personally Processing the Pandemic

Honest as can be, I’m not paying as close attention as some folks are to the minute by minute updates on this global health pandemic we’re in the middle of…or beginning of.  I’ve tried instead to watch the numbers as they go up and keep an eye on a couple trusted news sites.  Besides that, however, I’m trying to keep a safe social distance from mass media news.  And I think it’s allowed me to process at my own pace and keep a level-ish head through this strange season we’re navigating. 
Don’t get me wrong.  I have certainly had moments of expressed uncertainty and even fear, especially as I was sick for the first four weeks of this whole quarantine time.  But mostly I’ve tried to muse over these unique new realities in an unhurried manner in hopes of encouraging my faith. 
Below are some of the “mind meanderings” I’ve been processing though.  They are in no particular order at all.  Some are incomplete.  Some are more of a question than a comment.  Some are longer than others.  But …

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