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The Marathon

A week ago I did what I had always said I would never do. A week ago I walked most and ran some of 26.2 miles. A week ago I finished a marathon.
I mean, why?Why in the world would a reasonable, educated adult, with a good job, and dozens of other things to do, submit to the personal war that is a marathon?
Good question.
I have never been interested in running; even walking, extreme distances. I’m six feet and five inches tall, and weigh in at 210 pounds.I am not built like a walker/runner type. I have knees and hips that are 43 years old. I do not like pain, particularly self-inflicted pain. No one asked me to do it with them. No one triple-dog-dared me to do it. And heaven knows it was not on a bucket-list.I do not have a bucket-list.I have loathed the idea of bucket-lists since the movie popularized them in 2007.
So why?
I guess if you pressed me for an answer I’d say a man needs a larger than life feat sometimes to test his limits.We humans need something to push us outside these …

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