The Knowledge of God in the Land

Minor Musings | Hosea 4a

Imagine the land as it was late this past summer outside my window…

Dry and smoldered with smoke dust, parched of rain, starved for over two months.  Grass is tanned and torn, brittle shards poking bare feet.  Tree limbs are thin and frail, withered leaves lacking life-lines of water drops.  Air itself barren of moisture.  A mere drip of dew in the mornings, but further on, no damp residue. 


So is the Land of Israel, the Children of the living God, in the early verses of Hosea 4. 

“There is no
faithfulness or
steadfast love or
knowledge of God
in the land.”
(vs. 1)

Though the earth and all that is in it sings out a cry for God, there is no response.  There is no God residue around. 

There is the antithesis though…

(vs. 2)

Any boundary set to foster freedom and joy is broken.  So the earth’s singing ceases.  Crying out turns to crying.  Dim measures of light turn to darkness.  Without the knowledge of God; the knowledge of right and wrong, we will destroy ourselves from the inside-out. 

Is stealing right or wrong?  This one says right.  That one says wrong.  What really is stealing?  If we lie to save a life, it is still lying?  How far along before it becomes murder?  How far along before it becomes adultery?  Their answers and our answers; the clash brings conflict.  The dispute brings destruction.  Time after time after time. 

Where is the knowledge of God in the land?

…Until finally the God of all knowledge rejects those who choose the god of self-knowledge.

“And since you have forgotten the law of God,
I also will forget your children.”
(vs. 6)

My heart weeps at this point to be sure…


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