Feeling Nostalgic

I'm feeling nostalgic...

My Dad spent years working for Georgia Pacific in Bellingham. A couple times a year he would be given opportunity to pick up boxes of toilet paper and paper towels to use at home; a "fruit of his labors" sort of thing from GP to employees. (I remember the one time I was with him for the pick up...lots of paper products down at the factory!)

After my Dad died, similar to the piles of cut and split wood scattered throughout the wooded property, we had LOTS of toilet paper and paper towels stored up.

When my Mom sold the house and property to move into town we had to decide what to take and what to leave...or burn as the case was. Several boxes of tissue products had become home for several families of mice. I can picture the little varmints jumping for dear life as their paper homes went up in flames.

Anyway, I guess my sister saved a box of MD Toilet Paper - hopefully one that didn't have mice in it. MD Toilet Paper was famous for their "Twin-Quilted" design.

"So soft, it's positively friendly to your skin."

Not long ago, and now I forget the occasion; maybe my 40th birthday, my sister gifted me with a pack of six rolls from her 20 year old stash. There it sat on the shelf for these last several months, collecting dust. I've noticed it off and on and thought, "Hmmm, that's not doing much good just sitting there..."

So, in keeping with my initiative to get rid of things every day of the year for 2018, on January 31st I broke into that pack of toilet paper and began using it! If this is too much information for you now, you can stop reading. Amy and I kept a few rolls in our bathroom and we sent a few upstairs to the kids bathroom.

The overall consensus as a family is it more than lives up to its reputation; twin-quilted design is the softest we've used!

Oh, and the nostalgic part is that my kids, who never met their grandpa-the-GP-factory-worker, got to enjoy some of the fruit of his labor. Kinda cool, huh?!


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