Clearing Hurdles

It’s been too long since posting something on this, my blog.  I’m not a great writer.  You’ve noticed this reality if you’ve been here before.  However, I do love writing.  There is a unique favor-from-above that I experience when I see words accurately and creatively express what fills my heart and mind.  And for that reason I miss it when I don’t do it. 

Generally the highest hurdle in the way of me getting here, to this keyboard, is deciding what to write.  What could I offer up on this world-wide-web-space that might compel those who chose to drop by, whether accidently or occasionally, to come and see what good may come?  What could I offer up that might give courage and stay the fears of this present day for those whose hearts cower?  What could I offer up that might honor my God and bless those who seek after him?  What could I offer up that might be rich and meaningful, and that hasn’t been offered up somewhere else?  What could I offer up?

Generally the next highest hurdle then is, when I get here, my mind cripples with the fear of writing wrong.  What I mean by that is, I write a sentence or a phrase.  Then I read it and re-read it.  Then I delete it and rewrite it.  Then I re-read it and add to it on the front end or back end or somewhere in the middle.  Then I change words out for better words, rephrase the whole thing and finally, hopefully move on.  All this until the time allowed has passed twice over and my head hurts from the curse of wordsmithing. 

But while all that goes on there, in the quiet hours of nearly every morning I journal.  Truth be told, I place pen in hand far more than I place fingers to keys.  In fact, I have stacks of journals that chronicle the past 18 years of this life I’ve lived.  For whatever reason the pace of pen and paper is precisely the pace of the synapses between thoughts in my brain.  (Clearly that suggests a humbling reality about my ability to think quickly.)

Often enough, as I write in my journal, the words feel like they should be here on my blog instead.  Over the course of these few years wherein I’ve been stacking thoughts and ideas on this blog page to scroll through, it has occurred to me to harken back to journaled moments long (or shortly) past and share them, again with anyone who may drop by.

And so, thus I will do. 

From time to time, and likely more often than not, I will share moments and memories, thoughts and ideas, events and issues, and so on and so forth, with you and anyone else who may drop by. 

These reflections will be distinguished from the present tense with little more than an indicated date and perhaps some cryptic context hidden in the folds of the paragraphs.  My hope is these entries, along with whatever else emerges on this page, will keep in line with the vision of Branchtown and compel you to come and see just what good may come…


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